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Training School “Introduction to Bayesian Statistics for clinicians & researchers”

This 3-day training will focus on a basic presentation of Bayesian Statistics for the medical research community. It will explain what is the Bayes Theorem and when we can use this approach. The training will explain the applications, and advantages and will briefly present some analyses such as Latent Class models for diagnostic test evaluation and true prevalence estimation and meta-analysis techniques. This is an interactive event with hands-on training sessions co-hosted by Harmony


English is the working language of this training. Participants will be guided to use the statistical language R and JAGS so it´s highly recommended to bring their laptops.
Financial support is provided according to COST rules*
Number of participants: 20. Register at: link to be provided.
Last day to register: 30 September 2022.
The first eligible 20 participants will receive an official invitation from e-COST.


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